what would you do if you were given an abandoned two level backpackers in the heart of fortitude valley?

That very question was posed to some of Brisbane’s leading bands, musicians and to the good people at 4ZZZ community radio


How about a band room created by DZ DEATHRAYS, VELOCIRAPTOR and JEREMY NEALE?

A green room designed by the DUNE RATS?

A training and digital broadcast radio studio built by 4ZZZ?

An entire floor of backpacker rooms converted to creative studios, all home to Brisbane’s brightest - at heavily subsidised rent.


The philosophy of the live room has bands at its heart. It was designed and built by bands (more of a demolition job really). It doesn’t charge bands booking fees. There’s an in house sound engineer, who works with bands free of charge. There’s a room upstairs where touring bands can crash for the night – for free. The Dune Rats are designing the green room, with bands in mind.

This is not just a 200 person room perfectly equipped for live music, it is also home to a smoking balcony overlooking Wickham Street, pool tables and rock n roll bar. It’s by bands, f or bands.


4ZZZ got on board with this project very early on, and is an integral part of The Foundry.

The station, which has been something like the backbone of independent Brisbane music and culture for 40 years, continues that support by building a training and digital broadcast studio on the top floor of The Foundry. This will be used to train young people looking for a career in radio, and also as a broadcast studio for ZED Digital.

4ZZZ will also host a weekly live event in the venue, featuring a live broadcast. Half of the door receipts for the night will be donated to the station. It’s a win-win and the Foundry’s way of giving back to the radio s tation that has giv en so much.


The top level of the Foundry is home to 20 creative studios.

As with everything at the Foundry, supporting Brisbane’s creative community takes precedence over profits. As a result, tenants pay only the rent they can afford; and are given free reign to deck out their studios as they please.

The space has been designed with collaboration in mind. Like-minded organisations and individuals occupy the studios, and make use of extensive common areas.

The studios are the Foundry’s creative crucible.


Calling all designers, indie record labels, band managers, creative agencies and artists.
The Foundry is currently taking applications from prospective tenants!