The Foundry is an online portal and social media hub that allows people to tell their stories, share them and interact with others about those stories.

Members join the website for free where they can upload images, films or documents and start a discussion on a particular story of interest. Soon they will also be able to comment on other people’s stories, encouraging sharing and social interaction.

Anyone looking at The Foundry website can search stories by keyword or theme, but they must be a member to interact with content.

Behind the scenes, the Creative Regions team will curate themes – where there are reoccurring stories submitted or a peak of interest from members.

It is also hoped that artists will utilise the content of The Foundry as a source of inspiration for projects of their own. The content is protected by various levels of Creative Commons licensing and it is expected that the rights of contributors of content on The Foundry will be respected.

The best way to learn how The Foundry works is to sign up as a member for FREE and start uploading stories. The process is quite simple, especially for those used to using social media.

Enjoy using The Foundry. Any feedback is most welcome via the details provided on the Contact page of the site.